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  1. 5/30/2013 | 8:47 am Permalink


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  2. 8/8/2014 | 8:49 pm Permalink

    These are great, thank you!

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  3. 9/22/2014 | 2:42 am Permalink

    Is there any way to copy all of them in one fell swoop. They are so beautiful. I’d like to print them on card stock
    I’m matching each child’s birthday with a corresponding saint. I’m planning for November 1st.

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    • 9/28/2014 | 2:50 am Permalink

      Hi Guy,

      What a great idea for All Saints’ Day! Thanks for sharing your plans for the feast day. Unfortunately there is no way to print all the coloring pages at once.
      Thanks for visiting!

      In Christ,
      Ann from the Catholic Playground

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  4. 3/2/2015 | 6:08 am Permalink

    We’re studying saints in preparation for confirmation. These are wonderful! Thank you!

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  5. 3/24/2016 | 9:22 am Permalink

    These are perfect! Thank you!

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  6. 6/21/2016 | 10:22 am Permalink

    Excellent work, very good for the Romanian Catholic children too!

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  7. 8/19/2016 | 1:31 am Permalink

    Saint Michael has always been my most favorite saint. I am somewhat of an artist, but my work consists mainly of cartoon characters. I have never been able to get the human shape/form right. Be that as it may, for my first (and only) “human” subject, I painted a copy of Guido Reni 1633 masterpiece. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. I was glad to see Saint Michael among your coloring pages. Thank you so much!

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    • 9/6/2016 | 8:13 pm Permalink

      Hi Derek!
      It’s so great to hear from a fellow Catholic artist! One of my favorite parts of creating coloring pages is meditating on the lives of the saints; I find that as soon as I start drawing an image of a saint, I start thinking about the life they led and the virtues they practiced here on earth! We hope you keep up your artistic pursuits and please visit again soon at the Catholic Playground!

      In Christ’s love,
      Ann from the Catholic Playground

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