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Digital Download: Saints A-Z Coloring Book!

With kids back in school full time, why not give them something to make their work load a little more….well…colorful. ūüėČ Download Now School Price The Saints A-Z Coloring Book is a digital download that you save instantly to your computer. ¬†You can purchase this at $4.99 for a single family or single classroom orRead more

Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marta Coloring Page: May 13th

Click the image below to print the coloring page.Read more

Lenten Coloring Page

Every mom, grandma, catechism teacher, babysitter knows that five minutes can feel like an hour when kids don’t have anything productive to do. You are in the middle of making dinner or you are just about finished with catechism class and suddenly a burst of energy hits your kids! Unless you are thinking (and thinkingRead more

QUIZ: Which Catholic Soldier Are You?

Many holy men and women have bravely risked their lives on the battlefield!   Which Catholic soldier are YOU?  Answer the questions below to find out! Start the quiz over.Read more

QUIZ: Which 20th Century Saint Are You?

It’s never impossible to be a saint! We are all called to holiness. Fortunately we have help along the way: prayers from the Church Triumphant! Which 20th century saint are you most like?? Take the quiz to find out! Start the quiz over. Take a new quiz to see which Catholic soldier you are!Read more

February 9th Coloring Page: Saint Apollonia

Saint Apollonia was part of a group of virgin martyrs in the 2nd century.  She was tortured by having her teeth removed before being burned to death.  She is patron saint of dentists and those suffering from tooth problems. Click the image below to print the coloring page.Read more

Download: Lent Coloring Book

Here is a super simple¬†coloring project that is perfect for teaching kids¬†about Lent and Holy Week! Download Now School Price This Lent coloring book is 10 pages (prints on 3 pieces of paper) and features¬†5 brand new coloring pages! Images include: – the Temptation in the Desert – Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem – ¬†the LastRead more

DIY Stained Glass: Our Lady of Guadalupe!

It’s so easy to be fascinated by Our Lady of Guadalupe. ¬† She appeared quietly and humbly¬†to Juan Diego yet she championed Mexico, converting the entire country from paganism to Catholicism. ¬†Her image miraculously¬†appeared¬†on a humble, frail tilma yet it has survived¬†over 400 years and¬†the blast of 29 sticks of dynamite. In¬†the Catholic Church, weRead more

Nativity Coloring Page

Click the image below to print the coloring page.Read more

Saint Frances Cabrini Coloring Page: November 13th

Click the image below to print the coloring page. </aRead more

Scripture Coloring for Adults: Give thanks to the Lord!

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Saint Gertrude the Great Coloring Page: November 16th

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Saint Raphael the Archangel Coloring Page: September 29th

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All Saints’ Day Bingo

SAINT¬†bingo: a simple way to add something fun and educational to your¬†All Saints’ Day party! This free template has 30 unique bingo cards featuring 32 different saints including Saint Patrick, Saint Joseph, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Faustina, Saint Kateri, Saint Maria Goretti and many more! ¬†It also includes single saint cards that¬†can be usedRead more

Free Printable: Dress your Lego Minifigure as Mother Teresa!

Hands down, one of the best things about Lego is its versatility.   The same blocks used to make a Stars Wars set can be dismantled to create an image of baby Moses floating down the Nile in a basket.  And some of the bricks used to create a Lego City scene can be pulled apart to and rebuiltRead more

Digital Download: Mother Teresa Coloring and Activity Book

One of our favorite saints here at the Catholic Playground has always been Mother Teresa of Kolkata. When the pope announced her canonization date (September 4, 2016), we immediately¬†went to the drawing board- literally! ūüėČ After a few months of learning more about her life and putting it all into coloring pages and worksheets, weRead more