Saint Therese of Lisieux Shower of Roses Ring Toss

“If a little flower could speak, it seems to me that it would tell us quite simply all that God has done for it, without hiding any of its gifts. It would not, under the pretext of humility, say that it was not pretty, or that it had not a sweet scent, that the sun had withered its petals,or the storm bruised its stem, if it knew that such were not the case.”

- St. Therese of Lisieux

saint therese of lisieux

For this game, we created a life-size St. Therese, similar to the Saint Francis of Assisi Animal Toss.

To create St. Therese, you will need:

  • a large (tall) piece of cardboard or foam board
  • a picture of the face of St. Therese
  • brown, white, and black fabric
  • scissors (or knife for cutting)
  • tape
  • roses and a crucifix (optional)

To create the ring toss, you will need:

  • a cardboard tube or other stiff tube
  • colored tape
  • craft roses
  • grapevine wreaths (found at craft stores)
  • coffee can or or similar container
  • spray paint
  • sand

Begin by assembling your St. Therese.

To create the body, trace the outline of a person onto your cardboard or foam board. Cut out the body and arrange the fabric to look like her habit. We pinned some fabric to the front of St. Therese to create the look of “arms,” and also gave her roses and a crucifix. Tape or glue her face on.

Our St. Therese is about 5 feet tall. Simply tape her to the wall or prop her against it, if your material is stiff enough.

For the ring toss game, we used an old coffee can and spray painted it.

saint therese of lisieux

It took a few coats to cover the can, but it dried very quickly and was ready to use in just a few hours.

Next, we hot glued the craft roses to the grapevine wreaths and covered the tube in green tape. The thicker the tube, the better it will hold up. Our tube was actually from a box of aluminum foil.

saint therese of lisieux

We filled the coffee can with sand and stuck the tape-covered tube in it. Pack the sand as tightly as you can. We filled the can about an inch from the top.

Because we didn’t want the sand spilling or covering the wreaths, we topped off the sand with brown gift basket filler. You could also use stones, marbles, etc.

saint therese of lisieux

saint therese of lisieux

Another option could be to create two cans and split players into teams– for a more competitive game!

saint therese of lisieux

St. Therese, pray for us!

Saints Edition 20 Questions

catholic saints 20 questions

This is a challenging group game that we’ve played at many parties. It’s a Catholic twist on the game “20 Questions.”

all saints day party games

First, attach a name of a saint to each person’s back with tape or a pin.

You can make the names as easy or as hard as you like, depending on the ages of your participants.

all saints day party gamesThe object of the game is to guess the name of the saint on your back- in 20 questions or less!

all saints day party gamesSound easy? Remember that you can only ask YES or NO questions!

To get you started, we’ve created a list of “sample questions” you could ask.

Click the image below to print the questions sheet.

all saints day party ideas

Before starting the game, we let everyone decorate his/her own treat bag.

Everyone starts with 20 pieces of candy in his/her bag.

all saints day party games

Everyone sits in a circle. One person stands and shows his/her back to the group. He/she then begins by asking a question to the person on his/her left. He/she can then ask the next person another question or take a guess. The player continues until his 20 questions are up. It will then be someone else’s turn. Continue until everyone has had a chance to figure out their saint.

Each question or guess “costs” one piece of candy.

all saints day party games

The great thing about this game is that even if it takes you all 20 questions to figure out your saint, you will still have candy left in your bag from other people asking you their questions :)

Can you name your saint in 20 questions or less? Good luck!

Saints and Objects Matching Game

all saints day activity This is a fun All Saints’ Day game for all ages to enjoy! It is also so easy to assemble.

all saints day game We used:

* black foam board
* string for hanging the objects
*”s” hooks
* color pictures of the saints-we specifically chose images of the saints that did not show their objects, to make the game a little more challenging
*objects associated with each of the saints
*pictures of these objects

all saints day game

We attached the pictures with narrow strips of cardstock folded in half, gluing one half to the picture and the other to the board, creating a “hinge.” Be sure to glue your cardstock to the very top of the back of your pictures so that the pictures can be flipped up to reveal the image on the back of each saint picture.  This image on the back will match the object for that saint.
all saints day game Below each picture, we poked small holes and slipped an s-hook in each hole for hanging objects.
all saints day game Best of all…
all saints day game …we were able to create the game with objects we already had around the house.
all saints day game

Use a little string or ribbon and hot glue to create loops on your objects for hanging.
all saints day game

Here is a list of the saints and their objects we used:
all saints day game

  • St. Agnes (lamb)
  • St. Andrew (X-shaped cross)
  • St. Blaise (two small candles crossed)
  • St. Catherine Laboure (miraculous medal)
  • St. Cecilia (harp)
  • St. Clare (monstrance)
  • St. Dominic (one decade rosary)
  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (chalkboard)
  • St. Francis of Assisi (wolf)
  • St. Francis Xavier (crocodile)
  • St. Helena (cross)
  • St. Ignatius of Antioch (lion)
  • St. Joan of Arc (armor, helmet, sword, and shield)
  • St. Juan Diego (tilma)
  • St. Joseph (hammer)
  • St. Longinus (spear)
  • St. Patrick (shamrock)
  • St. Peter (key)
  • St. Therese (rose)
  • St. Veronica (veil)
  • St. Zita (bread)

You can add or change the saints in your game based on items in your own home.
all saints day game
Underneath each picture of a saint, we put a picture of the correct object so that participants can “check” their matches.

Other ideas include labeling the pictures with the saints’ names or including information about each saint, and how he/she is associated with each object, on the back of his/her picture.

What other saints and objects would you include in your game? Let us know in a comment below!
all saints day game

Happy Feast of All Saints!


Book review: The Secret of Mary

The Secret of Mary by St. Louis Marie de Monfort (89 pages)

“Predestinate soul, how are you to do it? What means will you choose to reach the height to which God has called you?… It all comes to this, then: that you should find an easy means for obtaining from God the grace necessary to make you holy; and this means I wish to make known to you. Now, I say that to find this grace of God, we must find Mary…”
from The Secret of Mary pgs. 11-12

Each book by St. Louis de Monfort is spiritually powerful, but The Secret of Mary is a treasure. This little book presents the key to sanctity: our salvation is “to Jesus through Mary.” Her role in our salvation did not end with the birth of the Savior. Rather, she is a constant part of our souls that cannot be neglected if we truly desire Heaven. Divided into three sections (“The Secret of Mary,” “Consecration to Jesus Through Mary,” and “The Confraternity of Mary, Queen of All Hearts”), this book promotes dedication to Mary, as St. Louis de Monfort discusses the beauty and power of her role in our lives. In brief paragraphs, the author discusses ideas such as “Mary Nourishes Souls and Gives Them Growth in God,” “Mary Forms Jesus in Us,” and “Through Mary Jesus Will Reign.” This is an excellent addition to every Catholic family’s bookshelf!

Book review: The Deliverance of Sister Cecilia

The Deliverance of Sister Cecilia as told to William Brinkley (223 pgs.)


From the very first page, Sister Cecilia’s story is gripping and suspenseful. Through determination and many sacrifices, Cecilia transforms from a simple farm girl to a courageous nun able to outwit the Communists while remaining loyal to her calling. Sister Cecilia’s unique story-telling weaves together amusing stories from her childhood, her call to the religious life, the role she played in defying Communism, and her love for the Catholic faith into a beautiful and inspiring adventure. This remarkable true story will transport you back over 50 years to Catholic Slovakia, a time that was charming and simple, yet at the hands of the Communists, became dangerous and deadly.

Note: This book is out of print, though occasionally can be found on Amazon or eBay.

Pentecost cupcakes

“When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they were all in one place together. And suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind, and it filled the entire house in which they were. Then there appeared to them tongues as of fire, which parted and came to rest on each one of them. And they were all filled with the holy Spirit…”  Acts 2:1-4

This is a great project for young children and teenagers to help celebrate the Descent of the Holy Spirit. They can help with almost every step!

pentecost cupcakes

Pentecost cupcakes

You will need:

  • 1 batch of cupcakes, frosted white
  • hard candy (“flame” colors: red, yellow, orange, etc.)
  • tin foil
  • cookie sheet
  • ziploc bag
  • cutting board

Begin by crushing the hard candy. The best method we have found is putting a mix of red, yellow, and orange candy into a ziploc bag and crushing it with a meat tenderizer. You might want to do this on a cutting board.

pentecost cupcakes

Line a  cookie sheet (with sides) with tinfoil. When the candy is in little pieces, spread it onto the tin foil.
pentecost cupcakes pentecost cupcakes

Place the cookie sheet in an oven heated to 300 degrees and let the candy melt completely.

pentecost cupcakes

When it looks like the candy has melted together, removed the sheet from the oven and allow the candy to cool completely. When it is cool, you should be able to remove it in one big sheet like this:
pentecost cupcakes

Break the candy into “flame-shaped” chunks and slide them into your cupcakes.

pentecost cupcakes

Optional: Place a dove in front of each flame. We placed wooden toothpicks  into miniature dove sugar cookies- after the cookies were baked and frosted white.

pentecost cupcakes


Stations of the Cross Booklet

One of the most common suggestions and requests we receive is for coloring pages that are more suited to little hands.

This Lent, we are excited to offer our first mini coloring booklet!

little stations of the cross booklet

Our booklet features our Stations of the Cross coloring pages- now in 1/4 page size!

Click the image to print the sheets.

stations of the cross booklet

To print the sheets, you will need to set your printer settings to double-sided and follow the instructions. The sheets will print out with 4 stations per side.

little stations of the cross booklet

Simply cut the pages in half horizontally…

little stations of the cross booklet

…then put the pages in order! It’s that easy :)

little stations of the cross booklet

We recommend stapling the pages together for easier coloring and to keep the book in order.

little stations of the cross booklet

This is a great way to introduce your children to the Stations! We’ve found that children love to lead prayers. Let your young ones lead Stations this Lent, using their booklets and adding an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be to each Station, or any other prayers you choose to say.

little stations of the cross booklet

Leave a comment below and let us know how you will use your Stations booklet this Lent!

Our Lady of Lourdes Snow Grotto

Have you ever made snow paint?  All you need is a little food coloring, water and a spray bottle…

After shoveling our driveway for the tenth time this winter, we thought of a great way to use the high mounds of snow that have accumulated!

catholic snow craft

Creating your own snow grotto is easy! We began by carving out the inside of this mound of snow.

snow grotto

We wanted to add some color to our creation so we mixed a couple drops of black food coloring with water in a spray bottle.  This gave us a medium gray mixture that turned a little greenish as it soaked into the snow.  For  darker colors, you can add more food coloring.

snow grotto

Heavy, wet snow works best for molding people and other figures. If your snow is too powdery, use a spray bottle with plain water to wet the snow as you work.

snow grotto

…and this is our grotto lit up at night…
catholic snow ideas

We chose to make this grotto in time for the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes (Feb. 11th), but you could mold  other Catholic objects or scenes.

snow grotto

Leave a comment and let us know what you create!

Book review: The Hidden Treasure: Holy Mass

The Hidden Treasure: Holy Mass
by St. Leonard of Port Maruice (123 pages)

hidden treasure holy mass book

“Treasures, however great and precious, are never appreciated until examined, counted over, and summed up.” Thus begins one of the most compelling discussions of the Mass ever written. As Catholics, we tend to take the Mass for granted, attending out of obligation, rather than desire. However, St. Leonard warns, this is not enough. In his book, St. Leonard offers a beautiful meditation on the tremendous powers of the Holy Mass, while fervently urging the reader to take advantage of these powers by hearing the Mass as frequently as possible. Not only does he discuss the great powers of a single Mass, but he also offers many suggestions for hearing Mass more devoutly. The Hidden Treasure is beautifully woven together with Scripture, anecdotes, stories of the saints, and the author’s own compelling voice. If you desire to better understand the mystery of the Holy Mass and attend it more often, then put this book at the top of your list of books to read!

Perler bead Advent wreath

The tradition of the Advent wreath is relatively newer. Originating in Germany, it was brought over to the United States by immigrants in the early 20th century. The beautiful custom of lighting a new candle each Sunday of Advent not only anticipates Christ’s birth on Christmas Day, but also the second coming of Christ.

This Advent, celebrate the tradition of the Advent wreath with our newest Perler bead project!
perler bead advent wreath
You will need:

  • Advent wreath and candle template
  • 1 large, square peg board
  • 1 sheet of Perler ironing paper or parchment paper
  • Perler beads:
    168 dark green
    29 light green
    63 purple
    21 pink
    4 yellow
    4 orange
  • an iron

Place the template beneath your peg board. You might want to tape the template to the table or work surface.
perler bead advent wreath
It is important to leave the gaps in the wreath, to allow your candles to stand up.

We made our candles on a heart-shaped peg board, creating bigger flames on our candles. If you have extra beads, get creative with your candles and wreath and let us know what you discover!

Remember to use Perler paper or parchment paper between your project and the iron!

You can add your candles all at once, or add a new candle each Sunday.

Blessed Advent!

Saint Andrew the Apostle coloring page: November 30th

“As he was walking by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon who was called Peter, and his brother Andrew, casting a net into the sea; they were fishermen. He said to them, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.” At once they left their nets and followed him.” (Matthew 4: 18-20).

Andrew left behind his life as a fisherman to follow Christ. After Christ’s death, Andrew traveled to Greece, preaching the Gospel. It was there that he suffered a martyr’s death, tied to an X-shaped cross. He is now the patron saint of Scotland.

Click the image below to print the coloring page.
saint andrew the apostle coloring page


Veronica’s veil activity

Christ was not alone as He carried His cross to Calvary. The women of Jerusalem wept over His afflicted state and one man was made to carry the cross with Him.

Tradition also tells us of another woman named Veronica.
saint veronica activity

Moved by pity, Veronica offered her veil to Christ. He, in turn, wiped His face on her veil and left on it the image of His face. Today, Veronica’s veil is in St. Peter’s in Rome, Italy.

Recreate Veronica’s veil in just a few simple steps!
saint veronica's veil activity

You will need:

  • black crayons (peeled)
  • Christ’s face template
  • 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper
  • hot glue or white glue
  • white or light-colored fabric (cut about the same size as your paper)

Begin by printing out a copy of the Christ’s face template.
christ's face veronica's veil “Trace” this template onto another piece of paper using glue. Hot glue works well, but you can use whatever glue you have on hand.
saint veronica's veil
Allow this  ”glue outline” to dry completely. This is what you will use to put Christ’s face onto your “veil.” This glue outline is reusable- you only need one for a small group of children or repeat this step to have multiple outlines for larger groups.

Tape the glue outline to a table or hard surface.
saint veronica craft
Center and tape your fabric over it. Using the side of a black crayon, rub back and forth firmly to transfer Christ’s face to your veil.
saint veronica's craft

St. Veronica, pray for us!

saint veronica craft

Rosary Holder

Fast and easy way to make a rosary holder…
rosary holder
We went from this…
rosary holder craft idea
to this…
rosary craft ideas
in five minutes— with items we had at home.
rosary holder ideas
We started with an old picture frame that wasn’t being used,
rosary holder craft
attached some roofing nails evenly spaced, and then let each family member pick a saint medal for their nail.
rosary holder craft
We attached two nails on the wall 8″ apart to hang the rosary holder in order to keep it balanced.
rosary holder

Saint Peter Claver coloring page: September 9th

Peter was born in Catalonia, Spain, to a poor family. As he grew older, he desired to become both a priest and missionary. Feeling called to “save millions of perishing souls,” Peter traveled to northern South America, the center of the slave market in the Western Hemisphere. He lived with the belief that, ”I must dedicate myself to the service of God until death, on the understanding that I am like a slave.” Peter spent 33 years there, serving the thousands of slaves that arrived there each month. He would personally board the ships as they arrived, tending to the sick and dying, administering the Sacraments, and catechizing slaves. Through his efforts, hundreds of souls were converted. In addition to his work as a priest, Peter also fought for slave trade to be abolished.

Click the image below to print the coloring page.

saint peter claver coloring page

saint peter claver coloring page

Pope Saint Gregory the Great coloring page: September 3rd

Gregory was born to a wealthy family in Rome, Italy. His mother is now also saint. By the age of 34, Gregory was the Chief Magistrate of Rome. He built seven monasteries in his lifetime, including one that he founded in his own house. Gregory received the habit in this monastery, known as the Benedictine Monastery of St. Andrew. There was unanimous support for Gregory’s appointment to the papacy. Though he accepted the position, he often missed the simplicity and quiet of the monastery. Gregory spent his time in the papacy writing letters and books and renewing the missionary activity of the Church. He is the one responsible for sending St. Augustine on the successful mission to evangelize pagan England. Gregory remained pope from 590 until his death in 604. Today, he is the patron of teachers.

Click the image below to print the coloring page.

pope saint gregory the great coloring

Saint Irenaeus coloring page: June 28th

Irenaeus was raised in a Christian family. He became both a priest and bishop during his lifetime. Irenaeus is most famous for his work against the spread of Gnosticism, a great heresy that threatened the Church at the time. He wrote several books that were immediately popular and successful in refuting the heresy. One of the most famous was Against Heresies, which we still have today. The Church honors Irenaeus as a martyr for the Faith on the date of his death, June 28th.

Click the image below to print the coloring page.

saint irenaeus coloring page